Bencic Reached Third Round in Indian Wells

Belinda Bencic won her second round match against Alison van Uytvanck
Belinda Bencic, Dubai Duty Free Champion 2019, maintains her winning streak, registered her ninth win today in BNP Paribas Open 2019.

Without breaking the winning streak, Dubai Open 2019 champion Belinda Bencic recorded her ninth straight win today in BNP Paribas Open.

WTA Indian Wells Open second round match between twenty three seeded Swiss and World number fifty one Alison van Uytvanck, lasted 73-minutes. In straight sets Bencic took the match in her favour, defeating Hungarian Ladies Open champion.

Belinda Bencic’s consecutive win over top 10 in last month Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships makes her mentally stronger, to display excellent game to demolish the Belgian at 6-4, 6-1.

“Of course you won the last week, but it’s a new start, you have to win again,” Belinda Bencic was more realistic and further agreed “Every first round is very difficult.” But on the second set 21 year old felt “I always feel very relieved when I win it, and I’m more relaxed into the second round.”

Belinda Bencic did not fail to appreciate her opponent, “I think Alison’s a great player” and meeting her always “It was very tricky.” Further she described her preparedness, “she has a lot of variation in her game so I definitely had to be ready for that.” Narrating today’s match, “In the first set I was struggling a little bit, trying to find my rhythm, my timing. And then the second set, after winning the first, I was a little bit more confident, and I went for my shots more.”

Belinda Bencic qualified for third round in BNP Paribas Open 2019
On Tuesday 12 March 2019, Belinda Bencic clashes with Russian Ekaterina Alexandrova.

Belinda Bencic beats Petra Kvitova to takes the trophy

Belinda Bencic is the new champion at 2019. She is happy to kiss the trophy which she manage to win after more than three years of struggle.

Unseeded Belinda Bencic keeps her upend run, upsetting three top 10 players in Dubai Duty Free Championship, here in gulf country United Arab Emirates. Now in final clash she proved her current form by beating Petra Kvitova 6-3, 1-6, 6-2.

This is Bencics’ third career WTA title and first one in three and a half – injury prone – years. The Dubai Open trophy is the first after Canadian Open, Rogers Cup in Toronto in 2015.

Belinda Bencic forehand shot against Petra Kvitova during final of Dubai Open Final 2019
Though in the second set Belinda Bencic yield to Petra Kvitova, in final decider she back with her real run in the championship.

Belinda Bencic started the first set aggressively with a breakpoint, went 4 -1 in the middle and ended 6 – 3 in 40 minutes.

Contrast to first set, second one was went in favour of Petra Kvitova. She took two breakpoints to keep the set 4 – 0. Nothing turned Bencic’s way and  the set went in left hander favour 6 – 1 in 28 minutes.

But Belinda Bencic was in a giant killer mood, she proved it in deciding set. She grabbed the set 6 – 2, leaving no room for the Australian Open runner up.

After the match, the champion Belinda Bencic said, “One of the things I promised my dad if I won this tournament is that we would go skydiving and do a bit of shopping.” Further she realised how important this trophy is for her future, “This is the first title for me this season and that makes this one very special..” Also she did not fail to acknowledge her opponent, in this final, fourth ranked Czech professional tennis player Petra Kvitova, “She hits so hard and so the plan throughout was to ensure I got as many balls as possible across the net. I am not feeling all that tired, but I think I will once I receive my trophy,”

Champion Belinda Bencic Interview After Finals Dubai Open 2019

Belinda Bencic beats Petra Kvitova 6-3, 1-6, 6-2. In after match on court interview champion Bencic saying, “It’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. I mean, I still cannot believe it.”

Belinda Bencic Dubai Open Champion 2019
All happy champion Belinda Bencic, posing with her Dubai Open 2019 trophy.

Q. Has it sunk in yet?
Belinda Bencic: No. I’ve just come off the court, doing press. It will sunk in later when I will be on my own, maybe relax. Maybe even tomorrow while skydiving.

Q. What are your thoughts on that? Kind of an up-and-down match.
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, obviously very up-and-down match. With Petra, it’s like this. She’s hitting full power, so it was incredibly tough first set, as well.

Second set, I think I missed by little in the start of the games, then she gained a lot of confidence. She was playing great. She was serving great.

I’m really happy about how I managed to turn the momentum around in the third set.

Q. What does it mean to you to win this?
Belinda Bencic: It’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. I mean, I still cannot believe it. Especially I’m realizing after two rounds, we were already saying, Wow, this is a great tournament. Now it’s only bonus.

Then I won against Sabalenka after being out already. We said the same thing again. Really, the expectations after two rounds were not there anymore. So many times I was close from defeat. It’s unbelievable that I ended up winning this.

Proud champion Belinda Bencic on court inerview
Proud Belinda Bencic gives on court interview saying’ “Yeah, just very proud of that,” adding that her opponents were “they are very high-quality players.”

Q. You’ve beaten four of the best players of the last few months all in a row. Do you feel differently now about your level stacked up against the top 10, or is it validation at this point?
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, I mean, of course they are very high-quality players, all of them. I’m so happy about the consistency that I could back up my wins. After playing a tough match, I could mentally win another one. It’s very difficult.

Yeah, just very proud of that.

Q. You’d never taken a set off of her in previous meetings. What was your mentality? What do you think you did differently?
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, I have huge respect from Petra because she’s amazing player. She’s such a champion. I really didn’t believe all the match that I can beat her. Really, that was my mentality. I was just trying to get from point to point, getting closer, getting closer. I was not thinking too far ahead.

After when I won, it was incredible. Of course, even to win a set already, it would have been amazing. I just tried to get closer this time than I was in Australia. I hoped that it would be enough.

Q. When you come into a tournament like this, most of the top 20 were here, how do you approach that? How do you see your chances?
Belinda Bencic: I mean, obviously I’m not coming into this tournament thinking about winning at all. It’s really seeing who I play first round. You just see the first round, you try to win that.

As I said, after I beat Voegele, to be in the third round, the tournament was great for me, solid. To beat Sabalenka was a bonus. I didn’t have to beat her, she’s top 10, she had the pressure.

Basically after these two rounds, I was just going forward.

Q. You mentioned on the court your fitness, that you feel good. Is this the fittest you’ve ever felt?
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, definitely. I actually wanted to say that on the court. This is definitely the fittest I’ve ever felt. I think it’s showing a lot in my game. I definitely need it. I think we did amazing work over there last year. Martin is my fitness coach for the past year now.

Yeah, I mean, we did amazing work. It showed.

Q. Is it a good time to start going skydiving? Are you worried about injuring yourself?
Belinda Bencic: No. We are in the plane anyway all the time, so…

My dad is saying, Why risk your life, stuff like that. There is no risk, I think. Bungee jumping is worse (smiling).

Q. You want to bungee jump, as well?
Belinda Bencic: No, I don’t want to do that. Skydiving, it’s on my to-do list. We have to do it anyway in my life. We can do it now.

Q. You plan on doing the one above the Palm Jumeirah?
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, it’s the first thing we will do in the morning. I’m providing a lot of heart attacks on the court. Now I’m going to provide heart attacks off the court. I mean it very seriously, yeah.

Q. The match might feel kind of like a blur. Do you remember how you were feeling early in the third, how important those early games were to you?
Belinda Bencic: Yeah, actually surprisingly I was feeling less nervous than yesterday, even in the second set. Petra was playing very good. I started to miss a little bit, as well, because she was putting pressure on me.

Yesterday I felt like it was slipping away from me a little bit. This third set, I was not thinking about the victory at all. That’s why I was calm. That was my mental plan actually.

Of course, in the last game at 5-2, I was super nervous. But I’m happy I just somehow put the ball in and won the game.

Q. I asked your father at the beginning for an interview. He said after the quarters. Is that the sense you had from the beginning, especially after the quarters?
Belinda Bencic: I don’t know why he said it. Maybe he wanted to get rid of you (laughter). But now he has to give you the interview, yeah.

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Belinda Bencic Reached Dubai Open Finals

Swiss professional tennis player reached final in Dubai Duty Free Championship, on her way to achieve third creer title.

Belinda Bencic rejoicing after victory over Elina Svitolina
Unseeded Belinda Bencic upbeat mood, following her career best performance in Dubai Open

21 year old unseeded Bencic defeated 6th ranked Ukrainian Elina Svitolina in semifinal on Friday, 6-2, 3-6, 7-6 (3). After registering third win in a row against top 10 opponents, Belinda Bencic said “I think from 3-5, I just completely zoomed out. I think I was playing the same in the tie-break, even though I lost the match points. Somehow I was still focused, I don’t know why. I was barely breathing, just playing automatic. You are not thinking anymore. It’s where the instincts just guide you through it.”

Belinda Bencic is about to meet two time WImbledon Champion, 4th ranked Petra Kvitova from Czech Republic. if Bencic wins it will be her 3rd title, whereas Kvitova’s 27th title.

In quarter finals she defeated Simona Halep 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 and in pre quarter finals (round of 16) defeated Belarus young talent Aryna Sabalenka 6 – 4, 2 – 6, 7 – 6.

The final will be held at hard outdoor court in Aviation Club Tennis Centre, Dubai.